1.)  To build Alliance Consortium Limited in World Trade as an efficient, up-to-date and IT-rich welfare organization.

2.) Implementing specific goals to make our organization equal to developed organizations and developed countries in order to improve productivity.

3.)  To improve the economic, social and living standards of the people of the country by providing reliable services.

4.) Using modern information communication technology to change the continuity of the company’s traditional work, to create a conducive environment for the service seeker to provide his desired service.

5.)  Determining the work to be done by the officers and employees of the organization at the beginning of the year for the purpose of formulating the vision or plan of the company, taking necessary steps to perform the work accordingly.

6.) Trying to establish the organization as a beautiful model of service delivery by placing skilled and experienced honest officers-employees in the right place.

7.) Trying to achieve the desired results by implementing development plans.

8.) To prepare the officers and employees of the organization to meet the new challenges in a timely manner to manage the developmental activities of the company.

9.) Monitoring and supervising by the directors and executive directors whether the various programs of the company are being implemented as per the vision and to inform the managing director and try to resolve the issue as soon as any problem arises.

10.) Our goal is to develop relations between employers and ensure the rights of workers through the creation of a completely peaceful industrial establishment and a skilled workforce.