management profile

management profile

Management of the Company:

The overall board of directors of the company is vested on the board. The Board formulates policies and provides guidelines for proper management. The chairman, managing director and directors follow the coordinate, production and marketing activities of the monitor to ensure the smooth running of the company. Qualified, experienced and skilled professional staff and officers have been appointed to assist in the management of the company. The shares of “Alliance Consortium Limited” consist of 05 (five) directors. Directors are skilled, wealthy and experienced in business. The details of the directors participating in the company held in joint venture are as follows:

Md. Hyder Ali (55), Father’s Name: Late Azizul Haque, Mother’s Name: Rahela, NazipurPatnitala, Naogaon. He has become the managing director of this company. He is a committed businessman. He has accumulated admirable experience in conducting business. He has been and will continue to be instrumental in the successful management of the company in the light of his business acumen, long association with business and visionary knowledge.

Md. Hyder Ali

Shirifa Pervin

Mrs. Shirifa Pervin (30), Husband’s name: Md. Hyder Ali, NazipurPatnitala, Naogaon. She has become a director of this company. She has a bachelor’s degree. She has gained experience in producing and marketing a variety of businesses through her involvement in business. She is confident and hardworking as a business entrepreneur. She is very enthusiastic and capable of accelerating the development work of the company.

Mr. Mohammad Aminul Islam (48), Father’s Name: Mohammad Saheb Ali, Mother’s Name: Rehana Ali, House No. 140, Road 11, Muzgunni Residential Area, Khalishpur, Khulna Sadar, Khulna. He has become the executive director of this company. He holds BBA, MBA, MPhil and PhD degrees. He has been involved in various businesses for 18 years with skill, ability and experience. He is a great young man and a successful entrepreneur with a brilliant application of his academic and practical knowledge to develop this company as a business entrepreneur and in building a transparent accountable organization.

Mr. Mohammad Aminul Islam

Mrs. Aklima Sultana

Mrs. Aklima Sultana (45), Husband’s name: Mohammad Aminul Islam,House No. 140, Road 11, Muzgunni Residential Area, Khalishpur, Khulna Sadar, Khulna,Shehas recently become the Director of the company. She obtained Master Degree in Islamic History. She has gathered adequate experience in different types of business by way of involving herself with business. For accelerating positive and social changes, she maintains a very good rapport with different social and cultural organizations.